Interviews with Refugees

This article originally appeared in Right Now.

Through my work with young people from refugee backgrounds, I am privileged to meet many young people who have arrived in Australia after fleeing from persecution and discrimination. They all have such amazing stories and their strength and resilience is truly inspirational. These are some of their stories.

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Is a Regional Solution for Asylum Seekers Possible?

This article was originally published in Right Now.

There are over 4.7 million refugees in our region, with the addition of asylum seekers, stateless people and others of concern bringing that number to over 15 million people. Australia has invested billions of dollars into a regional processing framework, yet the boats keep coming. After each new tragedy, politicians again point fingers and compete against each in a race to the bottom. The recent devastating tragedy is no different. While the Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers continues to recommend a regional solution, it needs to be questioned whether such a task is possible.

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