Indonesia, Australia hold awareness campaign on smuggling of people

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2016-06-15 02:24:22

Seeking to check the smuggling of people to Australia on Indonesian ships, Indonesia and Australia recently held a People Smuggling Awareness Campaign.
“The Awareness Campaign is a soft launch for a Critical Evaluation Analysis of the Indonesian Government`s Policy on Solving People Smuggling …

Smugglers or Trafficked People? Indonesian Fishermen who are Charged with People Smuggling.

Impoverished and vulnerable men from Indonesia are being deceived into becoming people smugglers and exploited for their labor. As such, these men fit the definition of trafficked people under the Trafficking Protocol. However, instead of protecting these men, as obligated to under international law, Australia is prosecuting them under extreme mandatory sentencing laws. Many of these people are in fact children, yet Australia continues to hold them in adult maximum security prisons.

Rather than provide protection and assistance to these victims, Australia has continued to strengthen its border policies. In order to adequately protect these victims, the Smuggling Protocol should be amended to include safeguards to protect those who are deceived or coerced into smuggling, while also providing for adequate protection of their rights.

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