Australia´s refugee policies and bilateral relations with Indonesia

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Julia Paulsen



2017-12-21 09:49:47

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Norwegian University of Life Sciences

This thesis explores Australia’s immigration history and refugee policies. Focusing on one policy in particular, Operation Sovereign Borders (OSB), this study aims to understand the implementation of the policy and how it has influenced the relationship between Australia and Indonesia. In order to examine these bilateral relations, this study presents several events that have led Australia and Indonesia either to a stronger sense of cooperation or created tension. By comparing the OSB with other events, this study shows that OSB has had no significant influence on the bilateral relations. Data collection from this study has been completed through document analysis and interviews. Using the securitization theory, this thesis argues that the issue of asylum seekers in Australia has been successfully securitized by shifting the security agenda from societal to military. Meanwhile the relationship between Australia and Indonesia is analyzed through the concept of absolute and relative gains of the neo-neo debate in International Relations. Using the Prisoner’s Dilemma, this study argues that Indonesia is motivated by absolute gains, while Australia is motivated by relative gains.

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