Strengthening vessel search capacity in South East Asia – Maritime border operations – The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection Service Newsroom

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2016-06-12 08:55:01

06-06-2016 –

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection continues to strengthen relationships with its partners in South East Asia and regional responses to combat criminal syndicates, drug trafficking and illegal fishing.

Australian Border Force officers travelled to Batam, Indonesia, recently to deliver a week-long vessel search course through Department’s Regional Skills Development Programme, to Indonesian and Timor-Leste customs officers.

The course equipped officers with the skills to detect smuggled drugs, weapons and officers worked together to anticipate methods of concealment, and to inspect, detect and examine drugs and other illegal goods in confined spaces.

ABF College Commander, Terry Wall, said that the training exercise helped to build the capacity of customs agencies in the region to intercept suspected illegal maritime activity on our waters.

“Border security agencies across the region and the world face a shared challenge to by organised criminal networks who constantly seek new and more sophisticated ways to exploit vulnerabilities in border security,” Commander Wall said.

“Australia is committed to working with our Indonesian and East Timorese counterparts to combat maritime security threats including illegal fishing and people smuggling.

“Exercises like this demonstrate the ability of regional countries to work together in countering civil maritime security threats.”

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