Australia and Indonesia complete coordinated maritime patrol – Maritime border operations – The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection Service Newsroom

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2016-06-12 08:56:11

18-05-2016 –

The Australian Border Force (ABF) and Indonesia Coast Guard (BAKAMLA) have recently completed Operation Shearwater, a coordinated maritime security patrol in the Timor Sea north-west of Darwin.

During the operation, Australian Border Force Cutter (ABFC) Cape Wessel joined with the BAKAMLA vessel Ular Laut 4805 to undertake maritime patrols either side of Australia and Indonesia’s maritime boundaries, with an ABF Dash-8 surveillance aircraft providing forward air support.

This was the first coordinated patrol between the ABF and BAKAMLA since February 2015, and demonstrated the ability of both organisations to work together in countering civil maritime security threats.

Australian Fisheries Management Authority officers were also on board ABFC Cape Wessel for the duration of the patrol.

Commander Maritime Border Command, Rear Admiral (RADM) Peter Laver, said the patrol demonstrated the close relationship between both organisations and their commitment to combatting illegal maritime activity in the waters north of Australia.

“Australia is committed to working with our Indonesian counterparts to combat maritime security threats including illegal fishing and people smuggling,” RADM Laver said.

“Coordinated patrols such as this send a strong message that Australia and Indonesia are working together to ensure both sides of our maritime border are as safe and as prosperous as they can be, and that illegal activity will not be tolerated.

BAKAMLA Deputy of Operations and Training, First Admiral Andi Achar, said “Operation Shearwater is a commitment with Australia to combat maritime security threats and strengthen bilateral cooperation between Indonesia and Australia to deliver maritime security in the region, especially in the maritime border between the two countries.”

This was the third Operation SHEARWATER conducted between the ABF and BAKAMLA, with the inaugural patrol occurring in October 2013.

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