Sri Lanka Navy apprehends 9 illegal migrants heading towards Australia

Record of Australian Extraterritorial Migration Controls.

Type Web Page URL Accessed 2016-04-21 05:29:57 Abstract he naval personnel onboard the Fast Attack Craft P 475, apprehended 9 Sri Lankans who were on an attempt heading towards Australia at 0600 hrs on 19th April 2016 in the seas 30 NMs West of Negambo. There were, 5 men, a woman, 2 boys and a girl among the apprehended people onboard. The said migrants have left from the Negombo harbour onboard a Multi-Day Fishing Vessel named “Rishna Duwa”. The Sri Lanka Navy apprehended them on a tip off received by intelligence personnel and they were brought to Colombo Harbour and handed over to the Maritime Division of Police Criminal Investigation Division for onward investigations. There is no means of heading towards Australia by illegal methods as at today, since the country is very strict with regard to such migration. However people keep on venturing and losing their hard earned money based on the bogus information given by human smugglers and finally become convicts in the hands of law. Due to the deployment of Sri Lanka Navy’s regular patrols and it’s strong network of intelligence it is impossible to break the shackles of the Navy and flee free.

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