Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Australian Federal Police Commissioner and Acting Commander of Operation Sovereign Borders Joint Agency Task Force address press conference on Operation Sovereign Borders

Record of Australian Extraterritorial Migration Control.

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2016-03-17 04:26:05

Mark Binskin: In other operational activities, with the disruption and deterrence task group, they’ve been working with Indonesia to provide interpreting and investigative assistance in relation to ongoing operations. Lebanese authorities working with the task group have arrested five persons for questioning in relation to the recent tragic event off the west coast of Java. The task group has also been providing operational support to police in Sri Lanka and is working with regional partners in Vietnam and Malaysia to increase law enforcement capacity and enhance information sharing arrangements. And I will let Commissioner Negus provide more of an update on those aspects in a minute.

Tony Negus: During the last few weeks, since 8 September specifically, there have been 17 disruptions in Indonesia where over 550 passengers have been stopped getting onto boats. That’s as a result of the co-operative relationship between the AFP, other agencies here in Australia, and Indonesian National Police. The Indonesian National Police have also made eight arrests, five crew members from the boats that I’ve just talked about, but also, importantly, three high value targets, these are people who are facilitators and organisers within Indonesia who put people on those boats to start with. These people are yet to go to court, but will be charged with multiple ventures, and organising multiple ventures to this country.
Also, importantly, just yesterday they issued an arrest warrant for a very significant people smuggler in Indonesia who will be tracked down over coming weeks, and should appear in court very soon, we hope.

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Australian Government – Australian Customs and Border Protection Service

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