Malaysia visit reboots cooperation on regional deterrence

Record of Australian Extraterritorial Migration Control.

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2016-03-17 04:35:09

Zahid: Allow me to speak in my language to address a different audience.
[Informal Australian High Commission translation commences] What we have discussed with Mr Scott Morrison are several aspects related to the presence of illegal immigrants from several countries that use Malaysia as a country of transit before they finally obtain permanent residence in Australia.
What we have done is we have a joint committee to identify a few aspects especially to take action against those persons, and by identifying the countries that use Malaysia because of the visa on arrival (VOA) for tourists that has been abused to make Malaysia a transit.
As a result of this, we will check by using biometrics on those whom we suspect are using Malaysia as a transit to Australia. We will exchange information on biometrics to enable us to check on those who may be suspects, whether they are travelling by air or by sea to Australia.
We will also check on the use of several entry points into Malaysia, such as the one up north – the Malaysia-Thailand border. From there, we will conduct thorough checks on them when they enter Malaysia as the third point before heading to Australia. We will do this by taking actions on them based on the biometrics information that is provided by Australia to us. If Australia is unable to provide us with the biometrics information, we will take other actions such as asking those entering Malaysia to show us that they have a return ticket so as to prove that they will be in Malaysia for a limited time only.
I am also happy to announce that tourists from Iran previously were given a visa on arrival for three months, but due to these reasons we will make amendments so there are no more visa on arrival for Iranians. Instead, they will have to apply for a visa to enter Malaysia and they will be given a duration of 14 days only to stay in this country, because we are working closely with Australia to deter those from such countries from entering Australia.
We are also committed to Australia’s request to look into those coming from Iraq and Syria who may be using Malaysia as a country of transit before making their way to Australia and to be accepted as permanent residents in Australia.
What we are doing is not to deny the rights of these citizens to come into Malaysia as tourists, however we would like to maintain our strong relationship with countries within the region, especially Australia, which is being used as the last destination by these so-called tourists when they use Malaysia as a transit.

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The Hon. Scott Morrison MP Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

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