Choking transnational crime through stronger regional borders

Record of Australian Extraterritorial Migration Control.

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2016-03-17 04:54:59

In addition to building the capability of individual states the agenda is about improving the regional interoperability and integration of our systems, information and intelligence.
There is already something to show on this front. Australia and Malaysia’s own practical cooperative efforts provide a good guide.
Australia and Malaysia have ongoing information sharing arrangements and continue to explore opportunities to enhance this area of cooperation.
Our nations continue to pursue cooperation on systems enhancements and sharing of technology. The Regional Movement Alert System (RMAS) serves as one significant recent example.
RMAS is an APEC initiative that enables participating countries to detect in real time lost, stolen and otherwise invalid travel documents and to prevent them from being used illegally.
Border Security Policy experts from my department travelled to Malaysia last week to pursue discussions on RMAS with Ministry of Home Affairs counterparts.
They also had the opportunity to gather technical information about Malaysia’s existing border management systems environment to aid RMAS implementation planning….
Through our Working Group we have also conducted joint workshops on issues such as airline carrier infringement regimes and regulatory arrangements at the border.
One of the key achievements of our engagement has been the strong and continuing programme of joint training in technical skills and border management, including document examination, facial image comparison, intelligence analysis and visa integrity.
My department is also working with the Malaysian Immigration Academy to deliver foundation, intermediate and advanced training in intelligence analysis to officers of the Malaysian Immigration Department.
The courses provide participants with instruction in the theory of intelligence analysis and also practical instruction in the use of analytical tools to collect and manipulate data to discover trends and anomalies that may assist in the detection of malpractice at the border.
To complement the RMAS initiate we are also now in discussions about how to role out an advanced passenger processing system (APP) with Malaysia that will significantly strengthen Malaysia’s border management systems, which is in the regions interests as well as in Malaysia’s and Australia’s interests.
Joint operational exercises in border management are another key area of cooperation that have demonstrated the success of our two agencies working together.
In 2013, my department worked with the Immigration Department of Malaysia to conduct training and joint interdiction exercises at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) Main Building Terminal and the KLIA Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT).
Some 100 Malaysian officers participated in the training and there were a number of successful interdictions of intended irregular movement to Australia.
In 2014, we also conducted profiling training with selected middle managers from both KLIA and the KLIA LCCT, including the nominated Head of KLIA2 and others who will play a key role in managing KLIA2 when it opens later this year.
At our first meeting here in Putrajaya last year, Dr Zahid and I agreed to re-establish our Malaysia-Australia Working Group on People Smuggling and Trafficking in Person as the Joint Working Group on Transnational Crime, and we are working to conclude a new MOU on transnational crime.
This forum and corresponding MOU will provide the direction for further cooperative activities.

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The Hon. Scott Morrison MP Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

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