Address to the 2nd Australia-Sri Lanka Joint Working Group on people-smuggling and transnational crime

Record of Australian Extraterritorial Migration Control.

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Australia Minister for Immigration and Border Protection


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2014-04-22 11:00:00

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Gifting of these vessels to the Sri Lanka Navy is as important for Australia as it is for Sri Lanka, because it strengthens our joint capacity to combat people smuggling in our region.
Not just now, but well into the future. This is about making sure the boats do not start again.
I would like to thank the Government of Sri Lanka for their commitment and support for this project in making available very senior Sri Lankan Navy staff. This has included hosting an ACBPS delegation which visited Colombo and toured your very impressive Naval Base at Trincomalee….
I want to emphasise that this is much more than a transfer of physical assets. The process of transferring the vessels to Sri Lanka has provided many opportunities for relationship building and knowledge transfer in both directions.

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The Hon. Scott Morrison MP Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

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