Data retention – what’s at stake?


Mandatory data retention is mass surveillance.

As the former Victorian Privacy Commissioner has said mass data retention:

“…is characteristic of a police state. It is premised on the assumption that all citizens should be monitored. Not only does this completely remove the presumption of innocence which all persons are afforded, it goes against one of the essential dimensions of human rights and privacy law: freedom from surveillance and arbitrary intrusions into a person’s life”

So you’ve got nothing to hide? Not fussed about rights and freedoms?  Well, here’s some further practical consequences of data retention to consider.

Your “metadata” in the court room

The Data Retention Bill does not impose any limitation on access to the retained data by other legal avenues.  This means there’s nothing stopping your ex-husband, your employer, the tax office or a bank using a subpoena to get access to that data if it is…

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