We don’t know how many asylum seekers are turned away at Australian airports

Asher Hirsch, Monash University; Daniel Ghezelbash, Macquarie University, and Regina Jefferies, UNSW The immigration department doesn’t keep a record of how many people apply for asylum at Australian airports, and how many are turned away. Documents released under Freedom of Information show a lack of accountability and oversight by Australian immigration officials with regard to […]

What Does ‘Regular and Orderly Migration’ Mean for Refugees? The Role of IOM and the Global Compact for Migration

This article was originally published in Asylum Insight. The Global Compact for Migration (GCM) has just been adopted this week in Marrakech, ahead of next week’s introduction in the United Nations (UN) General Assembly of the Global Compact for Refugees. While the focus of the media has been on the number of states withdrawing from […]

“We chose to defy the law”: reflections on South Africa, Australia and Derrida

This essay considers how Jacques Derrida’s critical reflection of South Africa’s apartheid, outlined in his paper The Laws of Reflection,[1] can be applied to Australia. Like South Africa during the apartheid, Australia’s Migration Act 1958 (Cth) ensures the systemic persecution of non-white populations. The Migration Act, like apartheid, was founded upon a policy of white […]

Would Peter Dutton pass his own citizenship test?

This article was originally published on Right Now. According to the Immigration Department’s “Australian values statement” proposed for new citizens, “respect for the rule of law” is a fundamental Australian value. But such respect is missing from our Minister for Immigration’s latest political volley. Peter Dutton already holds god-like status in the pantheon of Australia’s political class. […]