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Mr Danby, when will you stand up for Jewish values?

Mr Danby, when will you stand up for Jewish values?

70 years ago, the world promised to “never again” turn a blind eye to genocide, crimes against humanities and refugees. Yet today you remain silent while another genocide occurs in our region.

The Rohingya are fleeing horrific violence, dodging landmines in order to flee to safety. People are carrying family members across borders, with no future and no hope to look to.

70 years ago, the world closed their doors to refugees fleeing the Nazi movement. Today, you do the same.

Our people experienced unimaginable suffering in concentration camps. Today, you continue to support Australia’s concentration camps on pacific islands.

Our Torah teaches us to welcome the stranger and the foreigner. Yet, as Australia keeps its doors closed, you stay silent.

You speak up for Jewish values in your defence of Israel, but you are silent when our values are eroded by our Government.

You can’t pick and choose. When you stay silent while refugees flee genocide, you trample the promise of “never again”.

For you, it seems, “never again” means “never again to the Jews”.

As my local MP, you have failed to speak up for my Jewish values.

Asher Hirsch